Thomas Lindschouw

Direct line 96 17 74 71
Mobile 28 14 78 96

About Thomas Lindschouw

Thomas Lindschouw focuses on compensation and insurance-related legal problems within the field of commercial insurance.

In particular Thomas Lindschouw works with professional liability (real estate brokers, lawyers, and accountants) and the liability of officers and directors. Within this scope Thomas has in depth knowledge from substantial experience within insolvency matters, including corporate law, contractual law and matters related to intellectual property.

In connection with these areas Thomas Lindschouw focuses on proceedings in the normal courts and international and national arbitration tribunals.

Thomas Lindschouw also works with company law, constrution law, commercial contracts and rights regarding intellectual property.


  • Master of Law from Århus University 1990
  • Lawyer 1993
  • Admitted to the High Courts 2014


  • AIDA – The International Association for Insurance Law


  • English and the Scandinavian languages