Mai-Brit Hauge Garval

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Mobile 21 26 45 96

About Mai-Brit Hauge Garval

Mai-Brit Hauge Garval focuses on compensation and insurance-related legal problems within the field of commercial insurance.

In particular Mai-Brit Hauge Garval works with professional liability (real estate brokers, lawyers, and accountants) and the liability of officers and directors. Within this scope Mai-Brit has in depth knowledge from substantial experience within insolvency matters, including corporate law, contractual law and matters related to intellectual property.

In connection with these areas Mai-Brit Hauge Garval focuses on proceedings in the normal courts and international and national arbitration tribunals.

Mai-Brit Hauge Garval also works with company law, commercial contracts and rights regarding intellectual property.


  • Master of Law from Århus University 1999
  • Lawyer 2002
  • Admitted to the High Courts 2003
  • Right to appear before the Supreme Court 2017


  • External Lecturer (Accountants’ Liability), University of Aalborg, 2019-


  • AIDA – The International Association for Insurance Law


  • English, German and the Scandinavian languages