An important element of Bergenser Law Firm’s development strategy is the prioritizing of desirable physical environments for the clients and the employees.

Hence, Bergenser Law Firm’s two registered addresses are situated in architectural rewarded buildings located respectively in Aalborg and Copenhagen. The buildings are placed in the recent waterfront areas of the cities where internationally leading firms of architects have been given free reins in order to create modern and pioneering architecture.

Bergenser Law Firm’s head office located on Østre Kanalgade 4 is situated on the water front of Aalborg in a modern channel area in the building named “Comfort House” which is located next to Limfjorden  and Eastern Channel in central Aalborg.

The building was constructed in 2000 and was created by one of the leading Danish firms of architecture, Lundgaard & Tranberg (; it is one of the leading buildings in the new channel area surrounded by the old distillery, central Aalborg and the waterfront of Limfjorden. The building is considered a pioneering building and the construction of it was supported by PPB (Process and Product Development within Building Activities); among others the architects behind the building have experimented on new types of glass façades, including U-shaped glass profiles.

Bergenser Law Firm’s business address in Copenhagen, Pakhusvej 10, is located on the two top floors, 13th and 14th floor, of the building named “Fyrtårnet” (The Lighthouse) with a view of Copenhagen, including Copenhagen’s harbour entrance, the Northern Harbour and the citadel neighbouring the building.

Fyrtårnet (The Light House) was constructed in 2007 and was also created by Lundgaard & Tranberg ( Together with “Kobbertårnet” (The Copper Tower) it defines the area of Amerika Plads, Østerport Station and Indiakaj.